Deborah Ann Graham
Deborah Ann Graham 


Deborah Ann Graham a painter living and working in Bollington, Cheshire. Her current work is gestural and semi abstract, engaged with capturing forms relating to environmental and figurative subjects. Deborah was educated in Carlisle, where she attended the Cumbria Collage of Art and Design, from there moving to Nottingham to do a BA (hon) Degree in Fine Art at Trent Polytechnic, graduating 1987. She is a versatile artist working in a range of drawing and painting mediums, frequently mixed, often dictated by location and circumstance. For her studio paintings she stays predominantly with her first love, working with oils.

Deborah has exhibited locally both in group shows and solo.


Artist statement

I make work that is gestural and expressive; observing and trying to utilise shifts of energy and mood, sometimes slow and considered sometimes fast and explosive, reaching for colour as response to what I see but also instinctually, fluid to change. My studio work is informed by many studies made on location, often daily local walks. I gather information to help find and define my subject: not just visual but other sensory information such as sound, temperature, smell and air movement against the skin. Equally important are the drips and dribbles, the smudges, and smears, collections of accidental marks that chart the journey towards an image, it’s all valuable content for the paintings to follow. Each work is then a discovery that stops or pauses when I feel the work can speak to the intention or subject, finding something recognised and recognisable beyond a literal representation of a view. Something that may be, on some level, understood. subjects are less evident but echoes of a built visual vocabulary still surface.



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