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A monotype is as its name suggests a unique image, one of a kind. They are produced by applying ink or paint to a smooth surface and then laying paper over the image and pressing or rubbing to make a transfer.

In my monotypes I use mostly oil paint mixed with a printing medium which I paint onto a glass plate. After painting the plate to my initial satisfaction, I will transfer the image to a good quality paper by rubbing the back with a turps soaked rag. I will then assess the print and repaint into the ghost image left on the plate making any alterations and changes I feel the print may need. I may repaint once more if I feel I can further develop the image. Finally I take what is left of the ghost image, which can often give some nice effects and these will be put aside for reworking with other media or used in collage work.


Because monotypes are unique images, they are usually either numbered 1/1 (that is, one out of a total edition of one) or left unnumbered. All my monotypes are unique, but as I repaint into the ghost image it produces a set of different but similar images. To prevent numbering three very similar images all 1/1, the first one or two may be marked A/P (Artists Proof) and the next print would be the 1/1. Any reworked ghost would be so different it would be left unnumbered.>

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